A Lifetime Lived Between the Space of Two Frames

by I Will Remember You

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released July 11, 2012



all rights reserved


I Will Remember You Panama City Beach, Florida

yeahhh tonight!

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Track Name: Though the sun burns our leaves
you are unaware
of everything around you
nothing but scared
one day will you meet me back here?

oh brother
floating down that river while
copper-plated chariots await

why are you so far away
from the things that we know?
I tried so hard
for the things that we've known
so here we are, just far apart
why can't you see everything around you?
you're lost
we've known the place, so let's set a time
to meet back here, to meet back here
my brother, here
Track Name: Gone
you have never stayed here long enough to see a change
and as sad as it sounds, I'm fucking sick of playing scapegoat
you promised to protect me from the shadows on the other side
you're hiding in a foxhole dodging swine

blood thin
iron holding in
eleven years of negligence
acceptance on the verge, yet

so far gone
stitching the starlight with broken glass
to stop the blood

stay safe, stay weary
watch the track line, keep moving
be calm, let sirens sing their song
show no signs of fear
and see your way out, safely

keep out
this gravel's loose
keep out
it's a long way home

no turnover fast enough to catch up with this lack of doubt
no god could save a soul as lost as this
too much blood on the ground
too much dirt on your knees
swallow a decade for memory
and your fast asleep
Track Name: Here then the aftermath of meaning
flames are all I see
the soot and ash are all I breathe
you'll never see the sun
we're praying that we are wrong

chasing after all the things that we have but still can lose
who are you trying to prove this to?

forgotten and lost
forever away
safe and sound, safe and sound